About Us

About Henryka

Henryka is proud to be different. Our beautifully distinctive jewellery captures the essence of the natural world with unique designs and hand-chosen gemstones. Over the last decade, Henryka has grown from a humble boutique in Hereford, England, to a renowned British high street jewellery brand with a presence across the UK and Ireland.

The Designer

In 2006, Anna Emmett decided to channel her lifelong passion for Baltic amber and her love of nature into jewellery that could be worn and loved by all. This is where the Henryka story began. Today, Henryka has a dedicated team of in-house jewellery designers who help to bring Anna’s ideas, inspirations and unique aesthetic to life.

The Jewellery

Every piece of Henryka jewellery is crafted in sterling silver and combined with an array of beautiful natural gemstones, including amber, turquoise, amethyst, pearl and coral. We are proud to have trusting and long-standing relationships with our suppliers, who source all of our materials from ethical and responsible suppliers. Each piece of Henryka jewellery is lovingly handcrafted and ready to wear.

The Inspiration

As a British brand we have a fondness for the countryside around us, but that doesn’t stop our designers from exploring further afield. We are continually exploring and discovering the world to find fresh ideas inspirations for our jewellery. Yet no matter how far we travel, we know that the true ‘heart and soul’ of Henryka is you, our customer. Over more than a decade we have grown alongside you, and we love to get to know your individual story.

We understand that every piece of Henryka jewellery in your collection represents a special moment in time, a memory or a passion, not just for beautifully creative jewellery, but also for the diversity and colours of nature.

This is Henryka. With Love.