Springtime Jewellery Essentials: Breathe New Life into Everyday Looks

Springtime Jewellery Essentials: Breathe New Life into Everyday Looks

Posted by Ania Emmett on

Spring is in the process of springing, albeit very slowly. We’ve seen the back of Storm Gareth and his baltic winds - so now surely things will start to get warmer, right? 

Meteorological predictions aside, spring is the perfect time to refresh your look ready for garden parties and elegant summer soirees. Here at Henryka, we have the perfect range of silver and amber jewellery to complement these fresh new looks, and in this post, we’ll run through some super-sharp styles that are spring-ready.



Small Dreamcatcher Necklace in Silver and Amber

Fantastic foliage

There’s so much more life around in springtime, from the scent of daffodils on the breeze to lambs scampering around in the fields. What better way to reflect the birth of the new season than a pair of leaf earrings - complementing a springtime look that’ll be fully in bloom come the warmer weather?

Our leaf earrings can be the perfect complement to a freshened-up spring style - whether it’s a bold floral pattern led look or a more businesslike look that needs a splash of eclectic style to make your personality shine.

There’s plenty of choice, too, with the more eye-catching Amber Beech Leaf Earrings and the demure, delicate Miniature Royal Fern Leaf Earrings both high-quality choices.

Catch a dream

For a more boho look, incorporating a dreamcatcher aesthetic to your daily outfit can be as easy as investing in any of our range of dreamcatcher earrings. Whether you opt for the Dreamcatcher Drop Earrings In Silver And Amber, or their Turquoise and Onyx counterparts, you’re sure to turn heads this spring.

These elegant earrings are the perfect complement to our more subtle dreamcatcher necklace in the same shade of silver and onyx - but it’s entirely your choice as to whether you want to complete the matching look or opt for a mix and match approach.

Take flight and be in bloom

Feather jewellery can help you communicate a deep affinity with birds - whether you have a spirit animal or simply love seeing birds in the sky when spring comes round.

Our feather designs are as varied as they are eclectic, from the tiny yet perfectly formed Miniature Bird Feather Necklace to the absolutely gorgeous Handpainted Goldfinch Bird Feather Necklace (pictured below), we have plenty to offer that’ll instantly refresh any outfit.

Goldfinch feather necklace
Handpainted Goldfinch Bird Feather Necklace in Silver

In terms of floral styles, we have a huge range of jewellery that’ll attune you with the springtime bloom. The Forget Me Not Flower Brooch is a perfect feature for any formal outfit, while in terms of silver jewellery, our lotus flower range of stud earrings and rings will complement just about any outfit.

Got any springtime Henryka jewellery looks you’re aching to share? Join us over on Instagram and tag us in your pictures using #lovehenryka - we’d love to see what you’ve come up with!