Mother’s Day Gifts: Perfect Jewellery for Every Personality

Mother’s Day Gifts: Perfect Jewellery for Every Personality

Posted by Ania Emmett on

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it is time to discover the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the special woman in your life.

At Henryka, we have seen first-hand how the ideal piece of jewellery, specially chosen to suit a woman’s unique personality, can become a lasting symbol of happy memories. So many of us wear the same delicate necklace, family ring or bracelet because of everything it represents – it is not about value, but the thought that counts.

If you are struggling to choose the right piece to reflect your mum’s style and personality, look below. We’ve picked out some of the best qualities of mum’s everywhere and found lovely Henryka jewellery pieces to match. If you need more Mother’s Day gift inspiration, take a look at our beautiful gemstone jewellery here.

Your mum is… kind and patient

Having someone to talk to when times are hard is lovely, especially if that person is your mum. In the Victorian era, the fern symbolised humility and sincerity, which makes the Henryka Royal Fern Leaf ring and Henryka Royal Fern Leaf pendant the perfect set for her. To suit her kind soul, you may wish to gift the gemstone rose quartz, which is said to be a talisman of ‘gentle love’ that banishes fear and negativity.

Your mum is… generous and giving

Aventurine is said to attract prosperity as the stone of opportunity. If your mum is endlessly generous, you may want to present her with the Henryka 5 Stone necklace in aventurine and silver or the Henryka Small Square stud earrings set with aventurine. If she has a creative streak, turn to agate and its many colours, textures and patterns. This gemstone is believed to offer protection and support nurturing and caring personalities. Our favourite is a beautiful Blue Lace Agate.

Your mum is… funny and outgoing

Celebrate her openness and desire to see the very best in the world with the playfulness of Dalmatian jasper and the Henryka Stretch Bead bracelet in Dalmatian jasper and silver. There’s also plenty to express her bolder side, like the Henryka Tropical Pink and Green Parrot necklace and the Henryka Tiny Honey Bee stud earrings.

Your mum is… a friend and confident

Traditionally, blue gems are considered stones of loyalty, friendship and truth. If your mum is the best keeper of all your secrets, why not acknowledge her trustworthiness with lapis lazuli or turquoise. The Henryka Handmade Adjustable ring in lapis lazuli and silver is one of our favourite statement pieces and will serve as a constant reminder of the relationship you share.

Your mum is… quirky and curious

Just because she’s your mum, doesn’t mean she’s not an independent, creative and curious woman in her own right! If you’re constantly feeling inspired by her zest for life and passion for learning, you need to think about amethyst – the gemstone of clarity of thought and wisdom. We think the Henryka Lotus Flower necklace in silver with an amethyst drop is perfect for her global outlook, or you could try the unique gemstones in the new Henryka Designer Natural Gemstone Collection – pieces are one-of-a-kind, just like your mum!

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