Wedding Jewellery For an Alternative Look

Wedding Jewellery For an Alternative Look

Posted by Leah Phillips on

We don’t know if you’ve seen anything in the media, but there’s a certain wedding occurring in Windsor on Saturday. Alongside this mysterious ceremony, there’s been a whole lot of focus on everything bridal in the media. We thought, as purveyors of high-quality, eclectic jewellery, we’d run through some alternative wedding jewellery styles, rather than the ones you might see on your television on Saturday. From animal-inspired designs to green amber and beyond, this guide will leave you filled with stunning jewellery ideas - whether you’re in the wedding party or an honoured guest.


Pure pearl inspiration

Kicking things off is a fairly well-known vintage look, as the simple lines of pearl based jewellery are an excellent subtle style option for a traditionally themed wedding. Our elegant Silver and Pearl Blossom Drop Earrings are a beautifully simple option, but if you’re looking for something with a little more zazz and sparkle, then the Pearl, Cubic Zirconia and Silver Earrings (pictured below) are your best bet, combining the muted elegance of pearl with the shine of a cubic zirconia.


pearl, cubic zirconia and silver earrings for weddings


Woodland vibes

If a classic themed wedding is not your style, and you want more of a woodland festival vibe to your ceremony, then you’ll need the jewellery to match. Our options on this front are as varied as the flora and fauna that you can find in the deepest woodland. Green amber jewellery, such as our Green Amber Split Leaf Palm Drop Earrings injects a certain amount of subtlety into your style for a magical woodland wedding. Green amber is a material created from fossilised tree sap from millions of years ago, so you’re literally wearing part of an ancient woodland on your ears. If amber earrings aren’t your style, then try the same design on a delicate silver chain around your neck. For further woodland themes, this time using dainty silver, try our recently released range of royal fern leaf jewellery - appropriately named, as we think it’s fit for a royal wedding. Our Silver Royal Fern Leaf Miniature Necklace is perfect for an understated yet regal back to nature look, especially when it is combined with the other pieces in the collection.


Regal colours: amethyst

Purples and violets have long been colours associated with nobility and royalty, so what better time than the present to show off our range of amethyst jewellery? While not a colour typically associated with weddings, we think these would look great as a more unique bridal jewellery option. Richly coloured in a gloriously royal purple, the Amethyst & Silver Simple Teardrop Necklace is the epitome of elegance. Amethyst as a material was feted by royal families in the medieval era, so for a historical nod to the lavish ceremonies and feasts of that period, choose amethyst as one of your wedding’s principal styles.


And for the guys...

Cufflinks should not be overlooked as part of a wedding jewellery ensemble, as it’s often the finer details that add personality to your wedding photos. Cufflinks for men at your ceremony can offer a last-minute, eye-catching addition to tie an outfit together. Our range of unique cufflinks includes animal-based designs such as our bespoke Turquoise, Amber and Silver Kingfisher Bird Cufflinks, which can add a funky ornithological flourish to a man’s wedding suit. These designs may be playful, but they are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that with the right care and attention, they can be passed down through generations - almost like a royal title! Whether you’ll be watching Saturday’s wedding with a flag in hand at a street party, or you’ll be off in search of some spring sun, we hope this post has given you some unique and alternative wedding jewellery ideas for the future. What are your plans for the big day? Get in touch on our Twitter, and use the hashtag #LoveHenryka!