National Insect Week: Insect Jewellery Style Guide

National Insect Week: Insect Jewellery Style Guide

Posted by Leah Phillips on

National Insect Week is upon us, a celebration of the tiny creatures that more or less make the world go round. The week-long celebration, organised by the Royal Entomological Society, aims to educate the nation about our insect population through fun events and informative talks on everything from beetles to dragonflies and beyond.

Here at Henryka, we pride ourselves on having an intimate connection with the natural world, and so we’d like to mark National Insect Week with a quick look through our extensive collection of insect jewellery, picking out the pieces that’ll make a style statement while paying tribute to the insect world.


Ladybird Necklace In Silver And Coral


Little ladybirds

The ladybird is one of the UK’s favourite insects, in part thanks to its pretty red and black colouring. Our Little Ladybird Necklace In Silver And Coral (pictured above) is a thoughtful gift for all ages, with the adorable ladybird motif made of simulated coral, a subtle accent to any outfit and ideal for everyday wear. Also available as stud earrings and in a range of chain lengths, you can easily adapt the ladybird into your jewellery collection.

Beautiful butterflies

When you think of summer, your mind tends to imagine butterflies fluttering amongst the tall grasses. However, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that there’s far fewer out and about than there used to be. Butterflies, amongst other insects, have experienced a sharp decline in population thanks to a variety of factors - including climate change and pesticide use.

Our Small Dainty Butterfly Necklace In Silver and Turquoise (pictured below) is a subtle, silver-hewn tribute to these beautiful creatures. Wearing this pretty necklace is a way to keep butterflies’ plight in mind, as the world would be a far worse place without these colourful insects lazily flapping between flowers on hot summer days.


Small Dainty Butterfly Necklace In Silver and Turquoise

Bold beetle necklaces

A real eye-catching piece, the Noble Chafer Beetle Necklace in Silver and Amber (pictured below) features rich green amber detailing with hand-crafted silver legs. This bold necklace was produced in conjunction with the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, which supports conservation efforts in the county.

Money from every purchase of this necklace goes towards the Orchard Origins project, which improves people’s well-being through traditional orchard management.


Noble Chafer Beetle Necklace In Silver And Amber


Make a statement with a dragonfly necklace

Vibrant and deeply coloured with a hint of art-deco about its design, our Exotic Dragonfly Necklace In Silver And Amber (pictured below and top) is a statement piece that will show your support for National Insect Week in an eye-catching way.

Made with two tones of genuine Baltic Amber, this necklace can be the centrepiece of an elegant evening outfit or a feature of eclectic everyday wear. It can also be paired with our Dragonfly Stud Earrings for a detail-conscious amber jewellery look that pays tribute to these effervescent creatures often seen skimming above ponds in the summertime.


Exotic Dragonfly Necklace In Silver And Amber


We hope this post has inspired you to keep an eye out for Britain’s precarious insect population and take part in National Insect Week.

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