World Oceans Day: Celebrate Our Oceans With Us!

World Oceans Day: Celebrate Our Oceans With Us!

Posted by Leah Phillips on

The 8th of June marks the annual World Oceans Day, which encourages people worldwide to get educated and involved in any way they can to help benefit not only our oceans, but the wonderful wildlife that inhabits them.

In today’s post, we’re celebrating the world’s largest sources of oxygen by recognising all the amazing things they do for our planet and sharing a few tips on how we can all do our bit to help conserve the things that connect us all - our oceans.

The problem?

Recently, hundreds of news outlets have widely reported the shocking story of the pilot whale who was found on Thai shores struggling to breathe and eat, and later died due to its stomach being filled with an overwhelming 80 plastic bags - along with many other pieces of plastic debris.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident, and with as much as 12 million metric tonnes of plastic being swept into our oceans every year, we can only imagine how many other similar heartbreaking stories there are that go untold and unknown.

Spread the message

At Henryka, we’re dedicated in our approach to reducing plastic waste, ensuring that not only do our customers love the products they wear, but can do so safe in the knowledge that we really are dedicated to practising what we preach.

Our unique Under the Sea collection takes its inspiration from the creatures that dwell in our glorious oceans. From the graceful sea turtle to the intelligent octopus, each piece of jewellery has been carefully designed to highlight the natural beauty of the inhabitants of our oceans to those wearing pieces from the collection.


Angelfish necklace


With our eclectic range, there’s something for everyone. For more olive skin tones the yellow amber body of our Angelfish Necklace (pictured above) will complement natural colouring, making sure that it’s not only the jewellery that shines, but the person wearing it too.

For paler skin, the turquoise stone in our Large Sea Turtle Necklace will work to flatter pinker undertones, without being too harsh on the overall complexion - resulting in a soft and elegant look. Similarly, for more tired looked skin, our silver Large Seahorse Necklace combines turquoise stones with the industry-recognised age-reducing pearl material to reflect off the eye - brightening the entire face so that wearers both look and feel on top of the world.


Seahorse necklace


This year, June 8th isn’t just your typical Friday - it’s a day of reflection and awareness and where, as an international community, we can group together to take a step in the right direction towards clearing up our mess. After all, we owe it to the beautiful sea life that inspires our jewellery collections.

If you’re mucking in at one of World Oceans Day’s many events this year, then let us know on Facebook or Twitter - we’d love to see all the ways you’re getting involved!