Don’t Step On A Bee Day

Don’t Step On A Bee Day

Posted by Leah Phillips on

The humble bee is in a state of crisis all across the world, due to a number of factors that, if not tackled correctly, threaten our food production, as they pollinate most of the world’s crops.

Don’t Step On A Bee Day, celebrated on the 10th of July, aims to educate and advise the general public on ways to help out our bee population and allay the crisis facing them. This post is our way of raising awareness of this pressing issue, as we draw all of our jewellery inspiration from the natural world, we’re well aware that a planet without bees is not something we want to face!

The situation

The threats facing bees in the UK are numerous. Bee-friendly habitats are being destroyed by urban development and over-intensive farming. According to Friends of the Earth, in the post-war period, Britain has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows, which has impacted negatively on the bee population.

Modern types of pesticide known as neonicotinoids also harm bees - while not necessarily killing them, they can harm their sense of navigation and their ability to feed and reproduce. This can lead to a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, where whole beehives fail to pollinate the surrounding area and subsequently die off.

What you can do

Apart from not stepping on bees, there’s a whole host of small things you can do to make the world more habitable for our insect friends. If you see a bee struggling on the ground, you may be forgiven for thinking that the poor creature is dead or dying - often, they’re just tired and there’s an easy way to revive them.

Mix two tablespoons of white granulated sugar with one tablespoon of water, and place on a plate for the bee to drink. This will give the tiny critter an energy boost, and it’ll be back flying and pollinating your flower beds in no time. You can also help out by planting plenty of bee-friendly plants in your garden, such as lavender and flowering bushes, and by constructing a ‘bee hotel’ as a place of rest on pollination missions.


Miniature Bumble Bee Necklace in Silver and Amber


Show your support with bee jewellery

Here at Henryka, we believe showing your support for the bees can be done in a stylish manner. If you’re after a bee necklace, then our Miniature Bumble Bee Necklace in Silver and Amber (pictured above) is a subtle yet statement-making option. Combining the look with bee earrings such as our Bumble Bee Drop Earrings In Silver and Amber, and even a bee ring such as the Bumble Bee Ring In Amber And Silver can help you complete the look.

Our whole range of amber jewellery is inspired by the natural world’s varied beauty, and we’re always looking for ways to support conservation efforts and awareness campaigns like Don’t Step On A Bee Day.

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