The Deeper Meaning of Insect Jewellery

The Deeper Meaning of Insect Jewellery

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We all love seeing colourful dragonflies and butterflies dancing above the garden in the warm summer months, but sadly their numbers are in rapid decline.

A recent report by the Journal of Biological Conservation reveals that some of the world’s most fascinating insects - from dragonflies and butterflies to beetles, ants and bumble bees - are on the path to extinction.

In fact, more than 40% of insect species are in decline, and a third are considered endangered. Compared to mammals, bird and reptiles, insect numbers are falling at a rate of eight times faster than that of their counterparts - meaning they could vanish in just 100 years.

At Henryka, we believe in protecting, preserving and celebrating nature… even the creepy crawlies! Our insect jewellery collection is packed with colourful interpretations of bees, dragonflies, butterflies and beetles, otherwise known as the tiny insects that keep nature blooming every spring.

Dragonfly jewellery and symbolism

Dragonflies symbolise change and transformation. The way they flit across ponds and jump from patches of sunlight inspires a kind of self-reflection and deeper thinking.

Of course, they are also beautiful to look at, with the most common colours being bright blue, red and yellow. Some are iridescent, with wings and bodies that have a petrol-like sheen to them - a characteristic we admire that has inspired our Exotic Dragonfly Necklace With Silver, Turquoise and Amber.

While dragonflies are beautiful, it’s important to remember - and unusual for most to learn - that they can also bite, which is why they’re seen as symbols of growth and determination. In addition to this, the dragonfly only flies for a tiny portion of its lifespan, so a piece of dragonfly jewellery can embody living in the moment and living life to the full.


Butterfly jewellery and symbolism

We all know the story of a humble caterpillar who retreats into a chrysalis and transforms into a beautiful butterfly with brightly patterned wings. For hundreds of years, butterflies have been symbols of transformation, rebirth and renewal, with the butterfly representing the soul of a loved one coming to check on the person they left behind for some people.

Did you know that the largest butterfly in the world is found in the forests of New Guinea and can grow up to 7.4 inches with a wingspan that’s almost a foot wide? It’s known as the Queen Alexandra Birdwing and has lovely wings of orange, brown, taupe and yellow.

British butterflies include the Peacock Butterfly, the Small Tortoiseshell and the Gatekeeper, although sadly they are all in decline. Our wide range of butterfly jewellery includes a delicately designed Small Dainty Butterfly Necklace in Silver and Amber, which you can take a look at right here.


 Dragonflies, butterflies and blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a gemstone known for its tranquillity and calming properties. We are pleased to introduce new dragonfly and butterfly jewellery designs set with blue lace agate just in time for spring. Those who need moments of quiet reflection, resilience and support with nervousness may benefit from the mystical properties of this icy form of chalcedony, and adorn their necks with a unique piece of jewellery - such as our Oval Bangle in Silver and Blue Lace Agate. Discover more beautiful blue lace agate jewellery ideas and inspiration here.

More insect jewellery from Henryka

Using the rich orange tones of amber, we offer a creative array of bumble bee jewellery pieces, including our absolute favourite, Bumble Bee Stud Earrings.

Superstition says that the number of spots on a ladybird reveal how many months of good luck you’ll experience, should you see one. If you want to wish someone special all the luck in the world, we recommend our Little Ladybird Necklace. Alternatively, if you want to bring a shy friend out of their shell, there’s the Noble Chafer Beetle Necklace that would make the ideal gift for someone you care about. This rare, metallic green beetle is most commonly found hiding in orchards, but sightings are becoming increasingly few and far between.

Explore new arrivals from Henryka here.


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