International Day of Friendship - Celebrate With Henryka

International Day of Friendship - Celebrate With Henryka

Posted by Leah Phillips on

Worldwide, the 30th of July marks the International Day of Friendship, a celebration of all things convivial and friendly. Endorsed by the UN, it’s a truly global celebration that aims to foster peace, cooperation, respect and equality amongst all peoples across the world.

We rarely miss the chance to celebrate here at Henryka, so you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve unveiled a special promotion for this special day - when you treat yourself to any items from our silver or amber necklace range, you can get a pair of earrings for half price!

So, you could either treat yourself to a matching jewellery look at a reduced price or get into the spirit of the season and give a gift to a dear friend.

Of course, the real choice is which jewellery item to buy, so we’re suggesting some fabulous looks below!

Represent your spirit animals

Our animal jewellery collection is perfect for matching with a pal, adding a dash of eccentricity to your daily outfit. Combining the Swim Little Fish Necklace In Silver and Amber with the matching earrings will create a playful theme between both your outfits - but if you don’t want wholly matching jewellery, then you could plump for the Friendly Frog Stud Earrings (pictured below) as a well-named gift for a true friend.

What’s more, these earrings are available in both green and cognac amber shades, so buying two different pairs is highly recommended!


Friendly Frog Earrings In Cognac Amber


Infinitely styleable

We all have that one friend that’s simply impossible to buy for, with several years worth of Christmas and birthday gifts falling by the wayside. What you need in a situation like this is something utterly timeless and infinitely styleable - yet well-crafted enough to make it a thoughtful gift choice...

A firm favourite for this role is our range of silver earrings. The subtle nature theme of our recently-released Tropical Leaves Collection is a great place to start. The Palm Burst Stud Earrings offer a subtle pop of tropical chic and could be styled with just about anything. For something a little bolder, the Areca Palm Leaf Earring range is a solid option - the hand-crafted silver design making it a thoughtful gift that’ll impress even the pickiest of pals!

Warm-hearted amber

Henryka’s speciality is amber jewellery, and we have plenty of necklace and earring combinations made of this gorgeous material, perfect for showing your appreciation on this special day.

If you’re looking for something heartwarmingly cute that’ll round off casual summertime ensemble in style, then the Heart Stud Earrings in Silver and Amber are a high-quality choice. A little more on the bespoke end of the spectrum, the Burning Effect Earrings (pictured below) will make an elegant evening outfit look heatwave-hot with a burst of fiery style.


Burning Effect Earrings In Amber

Inspired to shop for yourself or to spread the love with some half-price earrings? Browse our full selection here, use code FRIENDS at the checkout and let us know what you pick by tweeting us and using the hashtag #LoveHenryka!