Happy International Cat Day

Happy International Cat Day

Posted by Leah Phillips on


August 8th should be circled in red on any cat lover’s calendar! International Cat Day, set up by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, is a day to celebrate the world’s favourite feline friend, all whilst raising awareness for the care and wellbeing of stray and mistreated cats worldwide.

Why are cats so great?

The unique relationship between cats and humans can be traced back to central China as long as 5,500 years ago, and with over 500 million of our cuddly companions exploring our gardens worldwide, cats remain one of our most popular pets.

Moreover, studies show that cats are actually beneficial for your health. Whilst petting and cuddling your cat is proven to reduce stress levels, simply browsing funny cat pictures and videos online has been said to increase energy levels - there’s a reason they’re so addictive!

Why is this day important?

Aside from giving you a reason to give your cat a bit of well-deserved love, International Cat Day is intended to raise awareness surrounding an increasing number of cats in shelters worldwide. Each of our four-legged friends need a bit of human love to keep them safe and sound, and ensuring their safety is the least we could do to say thanks for making us all that little bit happier.

How can I celebrate International Cat Day?

Whether you’re just giving your cat an extra cuddle or treating him and his moggie mates to tasty nibbles, our claw-some range of cat jewellery is the purr-fect way to ensure you look the part on August 8th.


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Whilst your cat perches on top of its scratching post, these Sitting Cat Stud Earrings can perch on your ears. Made from silver and a choice of turquoise or amber stone, this set provides a unique way of letting everyone know that you’re celebrating International Cat Day.

Show off your love for our cuddly friends this August 8th in a unique and fun way with our range of cat jewellery. With new cat necklaces and cat stud earrings coming online soon, be sure to keep an eye on our latest products by following us on Twitter and use the tag #LoveHenryka, and let us know how you’re celebrating International Cat Day whilst you’re there!