Embrace Còsagach and Hygge for Cosier Autumn Days and Nights

Embrace Còsagach and Hygge for Cosier Autumn Days and Nights

Posted by Leah Phillips on

Remember hygge, the Danish term that permeated every corner of our day-to-day lives, from fashion and interior design through to our dining habits? Well, this year we’re also looking a little closer to home for our inspiration; the Scottish-born term còsagach is tipped to be the “in” thing this year - and we’ve fallen deeply in love with it.

But fans of hygge, fear not, we’re still embracing this Danish concept wholeheartedly - as, in today’s post, we’re combining these two trends so you can bring some sweet serenity and enjoyment into your everyday routine as well as your jewellery collection.

So, what do these words mean?

Born on different sides of the North Sea, the terms hygge and còsagach represent all things cosy, comforting, charming and calming. Both are similar in nature, and integrating either concept into your lifestyle is bound to bring a certain sense of peace into your life.

‘But how do you pronounce them?’ I hear you say? While it’s fun to hear our friends and family make (often wildly off) attempts, the actual way to pronounce these terms is as follows:

  • Hygge - should be pronounced as “hue-guh”
  • Còsagach - should be pronounced as “kaw-sa-goch”

Easy, right?

Symbolise with jewellery

One of the most cherished animals native to both countries is the majestic deer. This often elusive woodland creature is a captivating sight to behold - and we’re delighted to have recently released the brand-new Antler Collection of silver jewellery, inspired by the wild and wonderful deer. A necklace, a ring and earrings can all be found in this range, fusing Henryka’s lifelong passion for the natural world with one of its most romantic inhabitants.

The Silver Stag Antler Necklace in Silver (pictured above) is one of our top picks from this collection - and you can browse the entirety of our handcrafted deer jewellery range by clicking here.

Appreciate the outdoors

It’s no secret that Scotland sees some ferocious weather come winter, but the Danes see their fair share of harsh winds, torrential rain and freezing nights, too. What unites both peoples is their great respect and admiration of their outdoor spaces - no matter what the weather throws at them.

From the breathtaking peaks of The Cairngorms in Scotland, through to the tranquil forests of Skjoldungernes National Park in Denmark, both countries boast outstanding natural beauty at every turn - and the locals know how to make the most of it.

Update your indoors

While the outdoors offers much for those willing to wrap up and face the elements, we’re aware that with autumn comes colder weather - and that means rain, winds and grey skies. It’s at those times that sitting inside can seem so much more appealing, so it’s good sense to think ahead and make some updates to transform your home’s interior into a haven for the days when the weather isn’t as enticing. Think snuggly blankets, soft rugs, plump cushions and fluffy wooly jumpers.

Stock up on hot chocolate, order those books you’ve been meaning to read and cosy up in front of a roaring fire to truly embody the art of authentic relaxation. And remember, còsagach and hygge are about more than just the physical aspects of your life; they’re about resting the mind and finding time to appreciate the everyday smaller things - so embrace your creature comforts, but also focus on making peacefulness a regular part of your day.

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