Celebrating World Animal Day

Celebrating World Animal Day

Posted by Ania Emmett on

For animal lovers around the world, October 4th marks the unique date every year dedicated to all creatures big and small who roam Earth - from the largest mammals and sea creatures to the smallest birds and insects. By giving a voice to the voiceless, animal activists, pet owners and everyday animal appreciators alike are spreading a message of care and compassion for the creatures that we live side by side with, all over the world, every day.

In today’s post, we’re celebrating the many different types of animals there are in this world by coming up with a variety of ways you can honour them in your daily jewellery collection. From exotic animal rings to silver feather earrings, we’re delving through the Amazon rainforest and into your British back gardens to bring you a piece of jewellery that will let you celebrate World Animal Day in style this year.

Why is it important?

Not to be confused for a day dedicated solely to cat cuddling or parrot petting, World Animal Day aims to highlight and improve global animal welfare. Through worldwide events, research and awareness campaigns, this cause encourages businesses, politicians and the general public to get involved in any way they can to improve the prosperity of all kinds of animals all over the world.

How can I celebrate with jewellery?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fox necklace to replicate the elusive red canine in your alleyway, or you’re on the hunt for a ladybird necklace to inject a touch of summer to an otherwise autumnal outfit, symbolising your love for animals through a piece of animal jewellery can help spread the animal welfare word wherever you go.

Imbued with organic gemstones and made from shimmering sterling silver, our collection of animal jewellery pieces captures the natural beauty of a variety of creatures both large and small.

A dedication to an iconic British mammal - coming in the form of both a stunning statement necklace and elegant stud earrings - is our selection of hedgehog jewellery. Our sleek and dainty Tiny Hedgehog Stud Earrings are a particular favourite, and will coordinate effortlessly with your outfits - catching the crisp autumnal light in the months ahead.

If you’d rather dedicate your animal affection to the plethora of birds that roam our skies, why not display one of our feathery Pheasant Bird Brooches on the lapel of your jacket, or the breast of your jumper? Alternatively, you could adorn a beautiful woodpecker necklace infused with silver, coral and amber around your neck and highlight the natural beauty of these delightfully vibrant animals.

Whether you opt to donate pet food to your local animal shelter or order a piece of animal jewellery to spread your love of our planet’s cohabitants, no matter how you choose to spend your time this World Animal Day, try and discover more and become animal aware - not only on the 4th of October, but well into the cold winter to come and throughout the sunny spring and summer on the other side.

Shop the full animal-inspired range right here at Henryka - and be sure to let us know how you plan to spend World Animal Day over on Twitter with #LoveHenryka!