Autumn is in the Air: Seasonal Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Autumn is in the Air: Seasonal Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Posted by Leah Phillips on

As summer gives way to autumn, there’s an undeniable feeling of romance in the air - and whether you’re soon to say ‘I do’ or you’re planning an autumnal wedding for further down the line, you’ll find a whole host of ideas right on your doorstep.

At Henryka, it’s no secret that nature holds a special place in our hearts - and we think this shows in our beautiful products. So, whether you’re unashamedly in love with the colours of the season or can’t wait to cosy up by a roaring fire, if you’re a fan of autumn, you’ll find plenty of wedding jewellery inspiration right here.

Make it personal

Your wedding day should be as unique as you, so, when it comes to jewellery ideas, your options really are limitless. Whether you’re a less-is-more kind of bride or you love to be bold, your accessories can be the perfect way to add those final touches to the outfit you’ve envisioned since being a young girl.

From opting for a birthstone necklace to adding a family heirloom pin to your bouquet, once you find your own special way of adding in little aspects of your personality, you’ll be one step closer to truly achieving the wedding day of your dreams.


autumn wedding day


Embrace nature

You only need to look outside to discover all the inspiration you need for a stunning autumnal wedding. While the bouquet, venue decorations and even bridesmaids dresses can take the lead from the changes in colour around this time of year, your nod to autumn doesn’t need to stop there.

When it comes to your jewellery choices, amber is the perfect colour to represent the autumn months. Understated yet undeniably beautiful, amber jewellery can be worn by the bride alone or the entire wedding party for a uniformed, eye-catching theme. From amber stone necklaces for the bridesmaids to amber stone bracelets for the mothers of the bride and groom, this is a great way to involve your family and friends in your big day.


Leaf stud earrings

Let leaves lead the way 

If you’re planning an autumn wedding but don’t necessarily want the season to completely rule your theme, why not keep your jewellery subtle with our Sycamore Leaf Stud Earrings pictured above? Small yet stunning, the pop of colour combined with silver will give you all the sparkle you need without being overwhelming.

Alternatively, our dainty and elegant Ivy Leaf Necklace is the ideal accessory for an understated autumnal wedding and can be paired with Ivy Leaf Stud Earrings - so you can be sure your jewellery choices match perfectly. For something a little different, our Oak Leaf Drop Earrings and Oak Leaf Necklace will provide the stylish splash of colour you might be looking for.

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