Unique Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Unique Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Posted by Leah Phillips on

Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration of all the mums out there who work tirelessly to support, provide and love their children unconditionally. Whether buying a gift for Mother’s Day or just to show your appreciation, we have ideas that are a little more imaginative than a bouquet of flowers and a card. Today, we’re going to be showcasing some of our gorgeous amber jewellery pieces that make fabulous, unique Mother’s Day gifts or presents to show your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. From pretty amber necklaces to playful brooches, we have a selection of beautiful pieces to make mums feel extra special - whatever the occasion.

The beauty of amber

While every woman has their own taste and style when it comes to jewellery, it’s hard not to appreciate the natural beauty of amber jewellery in any form. Cut from fossilised tree resin, amber’s distinctive colour is what makes it truly stand out, especially when paired with silver or bright gemstones to make decorative jewellery pieces. Having been used as decorative pieces for centuries, the beauty of amber never seems to fade or go out of fashion and with no two pieces being the same, it’s a great way to ensure your birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day presents are completely one-of-a-kind.   


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Say it with flowers

Flowers and chocolates are often a go-to option for gifts, but if you’re looking for a different take on the stereotypical bouquet, why not choose some floral design jewellery instead? It’ll say so much more than real flowers and will never wilt. Whatever your mum’s style, age and taste, our collection of flower amber jewellery is sure to make an impressive and heartfelt gift. From our colourful ‘Forget Me Not’ and dainty Amber English Rose rings to delicate Snowdrop necklaces with matching earrings, choosing flower-themed jewellery to say ‘I love you’ is definitely one of the more unusual gifts you could find. And one that we’re confident will make this year even more memorable.

Show love with quirky styles

Of course, flowers aren’t for everyone, but we have plenty of other fantastic designs to give you even more inspiration - from chunky bangles and quirky brooches to classic drop earrings and stylish necklaces. You can give a token of your heart to the woman who raised you with our gorgeous heart designs - whether it’s a simple style that combines two iconic gems into an amber and amethyst heart or an intricately crafted silver and amber ‘Tree of Love’ design. Alternatively, why not think outside the box with our funky animal amber jewellery? From bird brooches to butterfly necklaces, with amber at the heart of the design, you’ll be left with a present your mum can treasure for a lifetime. Browse our beautiful collection of women’s jewellery and enjoy shopping for the perfect gift for your mum.