Embracing Nature This Spring

Embracing Nature This Spring

Posted by Leah Phillips on

Nature starts to bloom in springtime, once winter’s icy grip has ebbed away - and what better way to pay homage to this changing of the seasons than to invest in a statement piece of jewellery that’ll last a lifetime? We’ve listed a few great choices for an animal-inspired springtime jewellery purchase that’ll turn heads and get people asking where did you get that from?


Spread your wings: dragonfly styles for any occasion

Dragonflies are a fun place to start with regards to animal jewellery - and also very symbolic for the new season as they become a common sight in your garden. With their shimmering, metallic wings and delicate form, they’re often a welcome sign of spring after being cooped up indoors over winter. But, you don’t just have to enjoy them outside or from afar - why not embrace the opportunity to showcase a summery, natural look with our Yellow Amber and Turquoise Dragonfly Necklace? Delicate, colourful and quirky, this necklace is a great way to emulate the signs of spring.

yellow amber and turquoise dragonfly necklace

Get playful with pooches

Whether you’re a dog owner looking to show your four-legged friend just how much they mean to you or you just want an unusual, playful addition to your jewellery collection, take a look at our gorgeous dog jewellery. From the sleek Silver Miniature Dachshund Sausage Dog Necklace - perfect for a stylish, understated look - to the more playful Turquoise and Silver Paw Print Earrings these pieces are certain to give you plenty of pooch-loving style!


Evoke the myths of the forest…

Stags and deer have long been a feature of mythical tales surrounding our woods and forests. A great way to transfer this kind of mysticism into fashion is to indulge in some animal rings or necklaces. Our range of stag and deer-related jewellery is particularly striking, especially our Silver Stag Head Necklace, as well as the silver range which includes some gorgeous Silver Stag Head Stud Earrings. cognac amber and silver owl necklace

Get the night owl look

Are you the last to bed and the last to rise? Are you most at home during the hours between dusk and dawn? Here at Henryka, we’re all about bringing out your character in your jewellery - so our range of owl jewellery is perfect for all you midnight oil burners out there. Our pieces range from the subtle such as our Amber and Silver Bright Owl Stud Earrings, to the more striking Feathered Owl necklace (pictured above) - so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

Bee a big help

Bees are the single most important organism on this earth. They pollinate crops, fruit and generally keep our most fragile ecosystems ticking over. However, they are under threat from a variety of different dangers, from parasites to pesticides, all of which need humanity’s help to combat. This is why we’ve partnered with the British Beekeepers Association, a charity that is actively looking for solutions to this crisis. When you buy one of our wonderful Amber and Silver Miniature Bumble Bee Necklaces, we’ll make a donation to the charity, meaning that your animal jewellery means so much more when bought from us. We stock a huge variety of animal earrings and animal jewellery for any occasion, helping you express yourself and your inner animal in your casual everyday style or as part of a statement piece of evening wear. Bought some jewellery from one of our animal ranges? We’d love to see your pictures over on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #LoveHenryka to get involved!