Celebrating World Turtle Day

Celebrating World Turtle Day

Posted by Leah Phillips on

The 23rd of May is a very important day for our oceans and our responsibilities towards animals the world over. World Turtle Day has been organised to raise awareness of our shell-dwelling friends and their increasingly uncertain plight as humankind’s impact on the planet is becoming more and more apparent.


What problems to turtles and tortoises face?

Turtles and tortoises face the threats that most other endangered or precarious animals face - the destruction of their habitat, overfishing and climate change. Nearly all species of sea turtle are considered endangered, as they tend to be caught up in fishing nets or, unfortunately, killed for their meat and eggs. Combined with this, their habitat of lush seagrass and coral reef is being eroded and damaged by human activity, as well as the beaches that they lay their eggs on. As for tortoises, these graceful old creatures are suffering from other animals being introduced into their ecosystem and competing for resources. Both turtles and tortoises are also under threat due to mistreatment by humans, especially those being kept as pets in unsuitable environments.


What can I do to help?

As the organisers of World Turtle Day, American Tortoise Rescue have released a few tips that you should consider on the 23rd of May. They advise not to buy a turtle or a tortoise from a pet shop, as this increases demand on the fragile wild ecosystems that they rely on. In addition, they stress that you should not remove one of these beautiful creatures from the wild - unless they are sick or injured.  If you feel strongly about the plight of these iconic animals, ATR suggest that you should lobby your local politicians to introduce more stringent legislation regarding their sale and protection.

  Turquoise Turtle Necklace

How can I look the part?

Animal jewellery is one of our fortes here at Henryka, and we stock everything from elephant earrings to insect-inspired pieces and beyond. Wearing our range of turtle necklaces is a unique way to show your support for an important cause such as World Turtle Day. Featuring our signature bespoke craftsmanship, the Turquoise and Silver Turtle Pendant (pictured above) has a beautiful colouring, evoking the calm tropical waters that turtles thrive in. If you’re after something towards the amber jewellery end of the scale, the Cognac Amber and Silver Tiny Terrapin Necklace (pictured below) is a perfect homage to our shiny shelled friends. This amber necklace is available in a range of different shades, so you’ll be able to style it to any summertime look you desire.     

Cognac Amber Tiny Terrapin Necklace

So, however you’re shellebrating World Turtle Day, by wearing a turtle necklace or not, make sure you’re being a little more conscientious with your environmental impact and remember to try your best to preserve our oceans. After all, without blooming flora and fauna the world over, we wouldn’t have nearly as much inspiration to create our beautiful hand crafted jewellery! Are you celebrating #WorldTurtleDay? Get in touch with us via Twitter to let us know!