Autumn Equinox - Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration

Autumn Equinox - Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration

Posted by Ania Emmett on

One glance out of the window is enough to notice the seasons are changing. The nights are becoming darker and the air is becoming colder, meaning the days of wrapping up in multiple cosy layers are just around the corner - but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. Today, we take a closer look at our unique range of nature and animal-inspired jewellery to show you how you can throw an extra splash of autumn over your wardrobe.

Silver stags

Our Stag Head Stud Earrings in silver provide the perfect opportunity to add an autumn theme to your look, while still maintaining all the glitz and glamour of sterling silver earrings.

UK readers should consider a weekend walk to a local woodland or country estate in October, when they’re likely to witness the autumn spectacle of deer rutting in full force. Wrap up warm with a classic belted coat for an iconic fall look, touching up the outfit with our Stag Head Stud Earrings for a cute and cosy seasonally fitting style.

If one splash of autumn glamour isn’t enough, why not add a complementary silver necklace to your outfit with our Stag Antler Necklace in silver, pictured below?

Stag Antler Necklace in Silver

Heartwarming hedgehogs

If subtlety is more your style, add a little warmth to any cold autumn day with our heartwarmingly cute Tiny Hedgehog Stud Earrings in Silver. This tiny, intrinsically detailed addition to our animal jewellery range has spines and an adorable face - making these earrings just as loveable as hedgehogs themselves.

Tiny Hedgehog Stud Earrings in Silver

Pair these with a wool bowler hat or beret and thick woolen scarf for the perfect seasonal balance of trend, warmth and cosiness.

Swooping swallows

An eye-catching addition to our amber jewellery range, our Swooping Swallow Necklace in Silver and Amber is a great choice for any autumn lover.

Swooping Swallow Necklace in Amber and Silver

As thousands of swallows begin their mammoth migration to Africa, capture that feeling of hopeful adventure through the detailed wing embroidery and stunning mix of metal and stone in this piece. Great for the bird lover or those who simply want to express the magic of the fall, match this unique piece of animal jewellery with some subtle lightweight knitwear to ensure this beautiful amber and silver necklace catches everyone’s eye.

Lovely leaves

Inspired, again, by our boundless love of nature, our Blackthorn Leaf Necklace in Silver and Amber is the ultimate autumnal amber jewellery piece. Made with genuine baltic amber, this piece comes in a choice of cognac, green or a mixture of cognac, green and yellow (pictured below), to achieve that unique rustic fall style.

Blackthorn Leaf Necklace in Silver and Amber

The silver flower and leaf detailing with three small, oval amber leaves creates an organically beautiful amber and silver necklace that can be paired effortlessly with a simple fall outfit that utilises autumn’s natural colours: think crimson reds, deep yellows, burnt oranges and warm browns.

These pieces from our range of lovingly crafted amber, gemstone and silver jewellery provide the ideal accessory for any fall-inspired outfit, embodying a distinctive seasonal theme while remaining unique in their own right.

Check out more animal jewellery in our range here to make sure your wardrobe is autumn ready - and don’t forget to tag us at #LoveHenryka and show us your favourite outfit for this season!