Eerie October: 4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Eerie October: 4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Posted by Ania Emmett on

The spooky season is officially upon us. Whether you’re choosing to brave the cold and participate in your children’s trick-or-treating expeditions, or you’re opting to hide away behind your collection of sweet treats waiting for them to knock on your door instead, there’s something everyone can get involved in this coming 31st of October.

In today’s post, we’re exploring all the different things you can do to dress up both yourself and your home in time for Halloween. From dishing out spooky new recipes to your friends, family and doorstop guests, to decorating yourself in delicate insect-inspired jewellery and seasonally coloured fabrics, we’ll help you add the perfect touch of spooktastic sparkle this Halloween.

Cooking spooktastic recipes 

Every year, the UK throws away 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin waste, which is enough to feed every person in the UK with a bowl of pumpkin soup. This October, why not prepare for your pumpkin celebrations early and have some recipes ready to create, post-pumpkin-carving session?

From delicious stuffed pumpkin filled with roasted vegetables and cheese - fit to fight off the autumn chill - to sweet cakes and shortcrust pies to complement your collection of leftover ‘treats’, a variety of pumpkin-based recipes that are available will warm you through October and well into the depths of winter.

Picking out your spooky outfit

For the accompanying adult on the trick-or-treat adventure who doesn’t fancy cloaking themselves in full Halloween attire, what better way to pay homage to the season than sporting a unique piece of suitably seasonal sterling silver jewellery?

By adorning a stylish Handmade Spider Necklace around your neck, you too can celebrate the frightening festivities without completely scaring off your neighbours in the process. To complete the look, hang a pair of our Spider Stud Earrings from your ears and decorate your hair in cobweb accessories to ensure you look the part on your Halloween escapade.

Getting the whole family involved

Halloween isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways that everyone can get involved. While often thought of as a generation-specific season, the 31st of October has plenty to offer for the whole family.

Prepare for the evening madness by creating unique pumpkin carving designs with dad, baking Halloween treats with grandma, watching hide-under-the-covers kinds of films with friends, and, if you’re as big a fan of Halloween as we are, round off your celebrations by matching your favourite amber necklace to the glowing grin of your festive pumpkin. By adding unusual and beautiful jewellery pieces like our One Little Speckled Frog Necklace to your ensemble, your guests are sure to be impressed with the detail and dedication you’ve given to the spooktacular season.

Adding the final touches

The seemingly small finishing touches to both your outfit and your home will do wonders to build up a fun atmosphere in time for the frightening festivities. Small details such as incorporating a blood-red coral Teardrop Necklace into a Dracula-esque outfit, or popping on cute Cat Stud Earrings that complement your crooked witches hat, will make all the difference when it comes to getting you in the Halloween mood.

Alternatively, this All Hallows’ Eve, why not swap your dainty daisy earrings for sterling silver Spider Stud Earrings instead? With cauldrons of treats, a kitchen of (fake) cobwebs and an outfit to match, by following these four ideas you’re sure to enjoy this upcoming Halloween regardless of whether you pick trick or treat.

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