15 Wedding Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2019

15 Wedding Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2019

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The wedding fashion trends of 2018 saw brides and guests go chic, retro and boho, with men embracing old-school suavity en masse. This year, we’ll see ‘outside of the box’ styles emerge from top bridal designers - from jumpsuits and black wedding dresses to distinctive jewellery and truly unique wedding themes.

Today’s post from our friends at Wedding Forward will take you through 15 trends set to dominate the wedding scene in 2019.

Wedding dress trends:

Wedding dresses are set to become even more daring and stylish in 2019 - with some brides even wearing jumpsuits to their receptions! If the sound of a jumpsuit doesn’t appeal, don’t fear - dresses with floral designs aren’t going away any time soon. We also predict a large following of brides will opt for a simple but sophisticated Meghan Markle wedding dress, paying homage to traditional, minimal design.

Bridal jumpsuits

For an insanely fun twist on after-wedding attire, consider wearing a jumpsuit. As an increasingly popular alternative to traditional dresses, we expect even more designers to jump on the jumpsuit trend in 2019. This is the perfect option for the modern woman who wants to do something that little bit different on her big day.

Liked by: the contemporary, fashion-forward bride.

Meghan Markle-inspired wedding dress

Less is sometimes more and many modern brides are beginning to buy into that - with Meghan Markle’s wedding dress shining the beacon for brides-to-be that wish to embrace simplicity, practicality and elegance. We expect a raft of inspired brides will walk this path in 2019.

Liked by: the traditional, minimalist bride.

Unique black wedding dress

A black wedding dress is for the brave brides who dare to be different with an undeniably dramatic shade. Defy tradition and conventions by walking down the aisle in a full black dress or simply add a touch of black using accessories to make a bold fashion statement.

Liked by: the alternative bride.

Romantic floral design

In 2019, we see designers favouring blooming accents, wildflower prints and embroidery with delicate details and finishes - which was already evident across the wedding dresses seen at Bridal Fashion Week.

Liked by: the old-school, romantic bride.

Men’s wedding fashion trends:

Men’s wedding fashion in 2019 will mostly put classic, suave and elegant styling at the forefront, while some men will choose to embrace semi-casual or completely casual looks instead.

Classic black tie

The black tie is timeless and we don’t think it will be any less popular in 2019. From plain to patterned and silk to satin, we expect a large proportion of men will wear a quintessential black tie on their big day.

Liked by: the old-school groom.


Semi-formal wedding wear in 2019 will bring a splash of colour in the form of a forest green, navy blue or maroon suit, paired with a button-down dress shirt or vest to match. Bow ties are also great for a quirky alternative to a straight tie.

Liked by: the fashionable groom.


Men can go down the ‘casual’ route and still maintain wedding style. A jacket paired with a button-down shirt - with or without a tie - will look great for those men who aren’t interested in going ultra formal. If you’re looking for something that extra bit pared-down, try a pair of slim-fit jeans on the bottom half.

Liked by: the laid-back groom.

Cocktail attire

Cocktail attire is a great half-way between the classic black-tie and a casual look. Instead of a white shirt, a plain coloured shirt, like oxford blue, deep red or velvety purple, can be worn with a grey jacket without a tie. To complete this look, throw in a pocket square or a brooch.
Liked by: the sophisticated, modern groom.

Wedding accessory trends:

Designers for wedding accessories are continuing to step up their game in 2019, creating unique pieces of jewellery to complement different styles. From simple Sterling silver rings to handcrafted amber earrings, accessories are all about making a statement without detracting from your overall look.

Flowers and plants

With so much discussion around the environment and nature, botanical-inspired jewellery will be a firm favourite among brides in the year ahead. Simple dresses are perfectly matched with accessories like the Royal Fern Leaf Ring, while a splash of turquoise in the Forget Me Not Drop Earrings will add bags of style to an off-shoulder silhouette dress.

Liked by: the nature-loving bride.

Animal jewellery

kingfisher bird necklace

Continuing the naturalistic trend, animal-inspired jewellery pieces offer beautiful, mesmerizing and out of the ordinary accessories for the eco-conscious bride. Try the Henryka Kingfisher Bird Necklace and pair it with a sweetheart neckline.

Liked by: the creative, animal-loving bride.

Simple accessories

If you want to add something more subtle, go for a timeless simple accessory. With fashion trends moving away from metals and towards gemstones like pearl, amethyst, coral and rose quartz, a handcrafted piece of simple jewellery can add an iconic edge to your look without sacrificing your theme.

Liked by: the fashion-conscious bride.

For wedding guests:

With the latest fashion trends, the wedding party can look great while maintaining the overall theme. From off the shoulder dresses and chic midi dresses to quintessential jewellery, we reveal them all:

Off the shoulder dresses

The craze about Meghan Markle's dress has brought off-shoulder necklines back with a bang. While usually worn in the warmer months of the year, they’re equally suitable for autumn and winter when matched with a warm shawl (or two!).

Liked by: the classically dressed guest.

Statement earrings

Triangle Drop Earrings in Dalmatian Jasper and Silver

If you want something a little more attention-grabbing, go for a pair of statement earrings. Dalmatian jasper is the ideal conversation starter; we recommend the Triangle Drop Earrings in Dalmatian Jasper.

Liked by: the bold guest.

Chic midi dress

Midi dresses will continue to rise in popularity and should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for something reserved but stylish. Favourite materials amongst designers include lace, tulle or satin, with floral patterns and subtle embellishments also proving popular.

Liked by: the chic guest.

Vintage-look jewellery

Vintage jewellery remains effortlessly en vogue in 2019, able to put its stamp on any outfit. Check out the Vintage Style Chandelier Earrings in Silver and Amber and be prepared to fall in love.

Liked by: the iconic guest.

Over the last 12 months, new trends have taken wedding outfits away from the boring and towards the light-hearted and experimental. We expect that the next 12 months will be no different, with brides and grooms embracing an ever-changing landscape of dresses, accessories, suits and more on their wedding days.

Thanks to our friends at Wedding Forward for sharing their insights! Be sure to check out their site for more wedding inspiration, tips and trends.

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