Celebrating World Turtle Day

22nd May 2018
turtle in the wild

The 23rd of May is a very important day for our oceans and our responsibilities towards animals the world over. World Turtle Day has been organised to raise awareness of our shell-dwelling friends and their increasingly uncertain plight as humankind’s impact on the planet is becoming more and more apparent.

What problems to turtles and tortoises face?

Turtles and tortoises face the threats that most other endangered or precarious animals face – the destruction of their habitat, overfishing and climate change. Nearly all species of sea turtle are considered endangered, as they tend to be caught up in fishing nets or, unfortunately, killed for their meat and eggs. Combined with this, their habitat of lush seagrass and coral reef is being eroded and damaged by human activity, as well as the beaches that they lay their eggs on.

As for tortoises, these graceful old creatures are suffering from other animals being introduced into their ecosystem and competing for resources. Both turtles and tortoises are also under threat due to mistreatment by humans, especially those being kept as pets in unsuitable environments.

What can I do to help?

As the organisers of World Turtle Day, American Tortoise Rescue have released a few tips that you should consider on the 23rd of May. They advise not to buy a turtle or a tortoise from a pet shop, as this increases demand on the fragile wild ecosystems that they rely on.

In addition, they stress that you should not remove one of these beautiful creatures from the wild – unless they are sick or injured.  If you feel strongly about the plight of these iconic animals, ATR suggest that you should lobby your local politicians to introduce more stringent legislation regarding their sale and protection.turquoise turtle necklace


How can I look the part?

Animal jewellery is one of our fortes here at Henryka, and we stock everything from elephant earrings to insect-inspired pieces and beyond.

Wearing our range of turtle necklaces is a unique way to show your support for an important cause such as World Turtle Day. Featuring our signature bespoke craftsmanship, the Turquoise and Silver Turtle Pendant (pictured above) has a beautiful colouring, evoking the calm tropical waters that turtles thrive in. If you’re after something towards the amber jewellery end of the scale, the Cognac Amber and Silver Tiny Terrapin Necklace (pictured below) is a perfect homage to our shiny shelled friends. This amber necklace is available in a range of different shades, so you’ll be able to style it to any summertime look you desire.


cognac amber tiny terrapin necklace


So, however you’re shellebrating World Turtle Day, by wearing a turtle necklace or not, make sure you’re being a little more conscientious with your environmental impact and remember to try your best to preserve our oceans. After all, without blooming flora and fauna the world over, we wouldn’t have nearly as much inspiration to create our beautiful hand crafted jewellery!

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Wedding Jewellery for an Alternative Regal Look

18th May 2018
royal fern jewellery

We don’t know if you’ve seen anything in the media, but there’s a certain wedding occurring in Windsor on Saturday. Alongside this mysterious ceremony, there’s been a whole lot of focus on everything bridal in the media. We thought, as purveyors of high-quality, eclectic jewellery, we’d run through some alternative wedding jewellery styles, rather than the ones you might see on your television on Saturday. From animal-inspired designs to green amber and beyond, this guide will leave you filled with stunning jewellery ideas – whether you’re in the wedding party or an honoured guest.

Pure pearl inspiration

Kicking things off is a fairly well-known vintage look, as the simple lines of pearl based jewellery are an excellent subtle style option for a traditionally themed wedding.

Our elegant Silver and Pearl Blossom Drop Earrings are a beautifully simple option, but if you’re looking for something with a little more zazz and sparkle, then the Pearl, Cubic Zirconia and Silver Earrings (pictured below) are your best bet, combining the muted elegance of pearl with the shine of a cubic zirconia.


Pearl and cubic zirconia earrings

Woodland vibes

If a classic themed wedding is not your style, and you want more of a woodland festival vibe to your ceremony, then you’ll need the jewellery to match. Our options on this front are as varied as the flora and fauna that you can find in the deepest woodland.

Green amber jewellery, such as our Green Amber and Pearl Marquise Shaped Earrings, injects a certain amount of subtlety into your style for a magical woodland wedding. Green amber is a material created from fossilised tree sap from millions of years ago, so you’re literally wearing part of an ancient woodland on your ears. If amber earrings aren’t your style, then try the same design on a delicate silver chain around your neck.

For further woodland themes, this time using dainty silver, try our recently released range of royal fern leaf jewellery – appropriately named, as we think it’s fit for a royal wedding. Our Silver Royal Fern Leaf Miniature Necklace (featured in the introductory image) is perfect for an understated yet regal back to nature look, especially when it is combined with the other pieces in the collection.

Regal colours: amethyst

Purples and violets have long been colours associated with nobility and royalty, so what better time than the present to show off our range of amethyst jewellery? While not a colour typically associated with weddings, we think these would look great as a more unique bridal jewellery option.

Richly coloured in a gloriously royal purple, the Amethyst & Silver Simple Teardrop Necklace is the epitome of elegance. Amethyst as a material was feted by royal families in the medieval era, so for a historical nod to the lavish ceremonies and feasts of that period, choose amethyst as one of your wedding’s principal styles.

And for the guys…

Cufflinks should not be overlooked as part of a wedding jewellery ensemble, as it’s often the finer details that add personality to your wedding photos. Cufflinks for men at your ceremony can offer a last-minute, eye-catching addition to tie an outfit together.

Our range of unique cufflinks includes animal-based designs such as our bespoke Turquoise, Amber and Silver Kingfisher Bird Cufflinks, which can add a funky ornithological flourish to a man’s wedding suit.

These designs may be playful, but they are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that with the right care and attention, they can be passed down through generations – almost like a royal title!

Whether you’ll be watching Saturday’s wedding with a flag in hand at a street party, or you’ll be off in search of some spring sun, we hope this post has given you some unique and alternative wedding jewellery ideas for the future.

What are your plans for the big day? Get in touch on our Twitter, and use the hashtag #LoveHenryka!


Introducing… The Exotic Palm Collection

21st April 2018

As summertime finally feels within our grasp, thoughts tend to turn to sunnier climes, hot temperatures and exotic flora and fauna. We thought that today would be the perfect time to launch our brand new spring/summer range, inspired by the palm fronds of exotic locales – the Exotic Palm Collection.

The collection consists of our finely crafted silver jewellery shaped by hand into palm leaf styles. We’re passionate about this collection and felt it should evoke the delicate craftsmanship of nature itself with some light, summery designs that are sure to turn some heads this summer. Our amber jewellery expertise is also on display in this fantastic new range.

Excited to find out more? Read on…


Large Areca Palm Leaf Earring and Palm Burst Stud Earrings

Pictured: Large Areca Palm Leaf Earrings and Palm Burst Stud Earrings

Exotic earrings

Evocative of fronds swaying in a tropical breeze, our palm leaf earrings are striking enough to make a statement, whatever the occasion. The Large Areca Palm Leaf Earrings pictured above are combined with Palm Burst Stud Earrings for an ethereal look that’ll shimmer under summertime party lighting.

For a more understated look, our Split Leaf Palm Stud Earrings will add a subtle splash of tropical elegance to your everyday jewellery selection – so you can bring that summertime vibe with you whether you’re heading to the office or partying with friends.

Tropical necklaces

If necklaces are more your style, then our new collection has some stunning palm leaf necklace options just waiting to be explored and styled in a variety of ways. The Silver Split Palm Leaf Necklace (pictured below) is a pretty little piece drawing on natural inspiration, and it’s a great way to show off your affinity with nature in an understated way. Consider pairing this dainty item with the matching earrings to complete the look.

silver split palm leaf necklace

Pictured: Silver Split Palm Leaf Necklace

Affordable style

When designing this collection, we sought to create a mixture of affordable leaf jewellery items alongside our more statement-making pieces. The same attention to detail is afforded to everything we make right here in the heart of Herefordshire, so you can be assured of a high-quality collection no matter your budget. Our prices range from £25 to £180, so whether you’re looking to splash out on some tropical opulence or merely looking for a subtle exotic jewellery style to wear every day, the Exotic Palm Collection has it all.


split leaf palm stud earrings

Pictured: Split Leaf Palm Stud Earrings


Full list of items





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Flower Jewellery: Four Great Spring Looks

19th April 2018

As the buds start to open and winter drifts away, matching your style to the season becomes more and more tempting. Purchasing some flower jewellery in a range of styles is a sure-fire way to banish the austere winter blues and add a splash of floral style to your springtime look. Below, we’ll run through some great styles that incorporate floral jewellery to really make a statement that’ll propel your style smoothly into early summer.

amber white coral and silver snowdrop earrings

Pictured: Amber, White Coral and Silver Snowdrop Earrings

Snowdrops: a seasonal choice

If you want to retain a touch of your winter style, consider investing in snowdrop flower earrings. Our Snowdrop Earrings are exclusive to us, in collaboration with Hereford College of Arts. Made of simulated white coral with an amber cabochon teardrop, the snowdrop motif hangs gracefully on the fine silver rings, making this an elegant choice for just about any occasion, from everyday wear to something more formal.

Our snowdrop designs are also available as a statement brooch, for a striking springtime look.


cognac yellow green and cherry amber flower bud bracelet


Pictured: Cognac, Yellow, Green and Cherry Amber Flower Bud Bracelet

Budding beauty

A subtle look evoking the first buds of springtime, our range of flower bud jewellery is perfect for a more demure and elegant look. Made of our bespoke silver with small buds made of amber in cognac, yellow, green and cherry, our flower bud bracelet evokes the first few dawn choruses of springtime when the leaves and flowers that will soon bloom are nothing but tiny pinpricks of colour on the ends of branches.

Our flower bud jewellery is also available as bud drop earrings.

Pretty posies

Posies are popping up all across the UK, an iconic and dainty flower that epitomises late springtime. Our posy range incorporates amber and silver to create a subtle yet opulent look, and currently all of our posy pieces are just £15 when purchased online! Have a browse of our full posy selection and pluck out a few pieces that take your fancy.


alzheimers society hand painted silver and amber forget me not


Pictured: Hand Painted Silver and Amber Forget-Me-Not Necklace

Make your purchase matter

Here at Henryka, we’ve partnered with two major UK charities to produce some bespoke pieces of flower jewellery that have a real purpose behind them. Our pretty Forget-Me-Not pieces are hand-painted in a sumptuous baby blue – and are sold in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, a fantastic cause that is close to many people’s hearts. These pieces are available as flower brooches, flower necklaces, and as both hook and stud flower earrings.

Another iconic flower is the poppy, and we are proud to stock our Hand Painted Silver and Amber Poppy Necklace, in support of the brilliant work the Royal British Legion do with ex-servicemen and women. 10% of every poppy sale will go to the Royal British Legion, making this a worthwhile purchase all year round, to show your remembrance and help out a very worthwhile charity. We thought this was especially prescient for this spring as the stunning ‘Home Front’ cascading poppy art installation is currently in place at our hometown cathedral in Hereford.

Much like the forget-me-nots, the poppy pieces are available as necklaces and in hook and stud earring configurations.

Tropical leaves: coming soon

While the weather isn’t quite hitting highs just yet, we’ve got something special that is ready for hot summer’s days, evoking the exotic and the tropical. Hewn out of our signature amber and silver in the heart of Herefordshire, our new range of tropical leaf jewellery will be ready for purchase very soon, so keep your ears to the ground and an eye on our Twitter page. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #LoveHenryka to join the conversation!


Animal Jewellery: Embracing Nature This Spring

28th March 2018

Nature starts to bloom in springtime, once winter’s icy grip has ebbed away – and what better way to pay homage to this changing of the seasons than to invest in a statement piece of jewellery that’ll last a lifetime? We’ve listed a few great choices for an animal-inspired springtime jewellery purchase that’ll turn heads and get people asking where did you get that from?

Spread your wings: dragonfly styles for any occasion

Dragonflies are a fun place to start with regards to animal jewellery – and also very symbolic for the new season as they become a common sight in your garden. With their shimmering, metallic wings and delicate form, they’re often a welcome sign of spring after being cooped up indoors over winter. But, you don’t just have to enjoy them outside or from afar – why not embrace the opportunity to showcase a summery, natural look with our Yellow Amber and Turquoise Dragonfly Necklace? Delicate, colourful and quirky, this necklace is a great way to emulate the signs of spring.

yellow amber and turquoise dragonfly necklace

Get playful with pooches

Whether you’re a dog owner looking to show your four-legged friend just how much they mean to you or you just want an unusual, playful addition to your jewellery collection, take a look at our gorgeous dog jewellery. From the sleek Silver Miniature Dachshund Sausage Dog Necklace – perfect for a stylish, understated look – to the more playful Turquoise and Silver Paw Print Earrings these pieces are certain to give you plenty of pooch-loving style!

Evoke the myths of the forest…

Stags and deer have long been a feature of mythical tales surrounding our woods and forests. A great way to transfer this kind of mysticism into fashion is to indulge in some animal rings or necklaces. Our range of stag and deer-related jewellery is particularly striking, especially our Silver Stag Head Necklace, as well as the silver range which includes some gorgeous Silver Stag Head Stud Earrings.

cognac amber and silver owl necklace

Get the night owl look

Are you the last to bed and the last to rise? Are you most at home during the hours between dusk and dawn? Here at Henryka, we’re all about bringing out your character in your jewellery – so our range of owl jewellery is perfect for all you midnight oil burners out there. Our pieces range from the subtle such as our Amber and Silver Bright Owl Stud Earrings, to the more striking Feathered Owl necklace (pictured above) – so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

Bee a big help

Bees are the single most important organism on this earth. They pollinate crops, fruit and generally keep our most fragile ecosystems ticking over. However, they are under threat from a variety of different dangers, from parasites to pesticides, all of which need humanity’s help to combat. This is why we’ve partnered with the British Beekeepers Association, a charity that is actively looking for solutions to this crisis. When you buy one of our wonderful Amber and Silver Miniature Bumble Bee Necklaces, we’ll make a donation to the charity, meaning that your animal jewellery means so much more when bought from us.

We stock a huge variety of animal earrings and animal jewellery for any occasion, helping you express yourself and your inner animal in your casual everyday style or as part of a statement piece of evening wear. Bought some jewellery from one of our animal ranges? We’d love to see your pictures over on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #LoveHenryka to get involved!


Unique Gift Ideas for Mothers: Amber Jewellery

9th March 2018
henryka flower logo


Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration of all the mums out there who work tirelessly to support, provide and love their children unconditionally. Whether buying a gift for Mother’s Day or just to show your appreciation, we have ideas that are a little more imaginative than a bouquet of flowers and a card.

Today, we’re going to be showcasing some of our gorgeous amber jewellery pieces that make fabulous, unique Mother’s Day gifts or presents to show your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. From pretty amber necklaces to playful brooches, we have a selection of beautiful pieces to make mums feel extra special – whatever the occasion.

The beauty of amber

While every woman has their own taste and style when it comes to jewellery, it’s hard not to appreciate the natural beauty of amber jewellery in any form. Cut from fossilised tree resin, amber’s distinctive colour is what makes it truly stand out, especially when paired with silver or bright gemstones to make decorative jewellery pieces.

Having been used as decorative pieces for centuries, the beauty of amber never seems to fade or go out of fashion and with no two pieces being the same, it’s a great way to ensure your birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day presents are completely one-of-a-kind.


mother's day jewellery

Say it with flowers

Flowers and chocolates are often a go-to option for gifts, but if you’re looking for a different take on the stereotypical bouquet, why not choose some floral design jewellery instead? It’ll say so much more than real flowers and will never wilt.

Whatever your mum’s style, age and taste, our collection of flower amber jewellery is sure to make an impressive and heartfelt gift. From our colourful ‘Forget Me Not’ and dainty Amber English Rose rings to delicate Snowdrop necklaces with matching earrings, choosing flower-themed jewellery to say ‘I love you’ is definitely one of the more unusual gifts you could find. And one that we’re confident will make this year even more memorable.

Show love with quirky styles

Of course, flowers aren’t for everyone, but we have plenty of other fantastic designs to give you even more inspiration – from chunky bangles and quirky brooches to classic drop earrings and stylish necklaces.

You can give a token of your heart to the woman who raised you with our gorgeous heart designs – whether it’s a simple style that combines two iconic gems into an amber and amethyst heart or an intricately crafted silver and amber ‘Tree of Love’ design. Alternatively, why not think outside the box with our funky animal amber jewellery? From bird brooches to butterfly necklaces, with amber at the heart of the design, you’ll be left with a present your mum can treasure for a lifetime.

Browse our beautiful collection of women’s jewellery and enjoy shopping for the perfect gift for your mum.


Henryka Modelling Competition 2017

8th November 2017
henryka models for october

Henryka Modelling Competition 2017 – where it all began!

At Henryka we recently hosted an incredibly successful modelling competition. Our aim was to give local women the chance to model our jewellery and feature in our advertising. Having first been inspired to find models after developing our new branding, we felt it was time for some fresh talent.

Our first step was to get the local community involved by reaching out to them, so we decided to run a competition on Facebook. The competition post encouraged local women to submit a photo of themselves in order to enter. Almost two hundred people commented on the post and over eighty people entered, this far exceeded any expectations we had! Having received all the entries it was now time to shortlist the candidates, a lengthy process. Through much deliberation we managed to narrow it down to the final six!

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Autumn at Henryka – The October Update

16th October 2017
Silver stug stud earrings

Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn.

It’s hard to believe we’re half way through October already and certainly well into Autumn. Some of us will be sad to see the back of summer, but for the rest of us Autumn is one of the most beautiful and exciting seasons. With so many deep and wonderful textures and colours, we’re feeling particularly inspired this time of year! Think crisp falling leaves, cosy knitted jumpers and log wood fires – oh and hot soup with warm crusty bread of course!

This season has bought about many changes to Henryka. Locals are to see our store go from a pale duck egg blue, to a striking orange and black design. We’ve also continued this change with colourful new packaging and an all round new look. Our logo has also had a complete make over and we’ve really come together as a team and as a brand.

Of course, with such changes and inspiration comes new ideas, and new designs! We’ve been feeling particularly inspired by the rustic tones and hues Baltic Amber creates, the way it catches the light and radiates colour – the ideal stone for the season. It’s no secret that amber is one of our favourite materials to work with, and this season we’ve bought it back in a big way!

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Welcome to Henryka – The Jewellery Blog

20th September 2017
Henryka Model Image

Let us re-introduce ourselves!

It really does give us great pleasure to announce the launch of our new blog to coincide with our brand new look! You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been making some pretty big changes here at Henryka – breathing life back into our brand! Our look may have changed, but we promise our customers can still rely on the same incredible quality and service they have come to expect from us. For those of you who are new to Henryka…welcome to our world, you’ve certainly joined us at the right time!

We continue to pride ourselves on personal touches, beautifully crafted jewellery and an exquisite expression of boho chic meets arts and crafts! Every piece we create is made with passion and we truly cherish each and every one of our customers. We want everyone to own a piece of Henryka –  their own little piece of ‘extraordinary’!

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